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1982 G.I.Joe Metal Trash Can
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1982 G.I.Joe Metal Trash Can Front 1982 G.I.Joe Metal Trash Can Side 1982 G.I.Joe Metal Trash Can Angled View 1982 G.I.Joe Metal Trash Bottom 1982 G.I.Joe Metal Trash Top

Measuring 13" high, 9.5" across, and 6.4" deep, this metal trash can was manufactured by Cheinco in the U.S.A. Cheinco was a toy manufacturer from 1903 through the 1980s, best known for its mechanical tin toys made during the first part of the century.

Which G.I.Joe team member is depicted on the can? That's not easy to answer. Here's why: Because he is wearing a visor, he has to be either Flash, Grand Slam, Short-Fuze, or Steeler. Narrowing it down, Flash and Grand Slam are likely ruled out because the figure does not have their signature red-padded shirts. The figure on the garbage can has over-the-shoulder brown straps, which is not present on any of the possible figures with visors mentioned above. These brown straps are only represented on Grunt, whom did not come with a visor. Hawk's over-the-shoulder straps are silver, but are in the same style, while Short-Fuze and Steeler have differently shaped chest straps (both black). With that in mind, the most logical conclusion is that the Joe depicted is Hawk with incorrectly colored brown straps instead of his silver straps.

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