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Nilco Snake Eyes Figure
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Nilco Snake Eyes Figure MOC Front   Nilco Snake Eyes Figure MOC Back
  Weapons & Accessories  

Unlike the 82-83 U.S. release Snake Eyes v1.5, the Nilco Snake Eyes came with a different backpack instead of his black Uzi submachine gun, and he came with no explosives pack at all.


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  Collector's Notes  

The Nilco Snake Eyes was licensed by Nilco for sale in Egypt. This figure was created using the mold of the U.S.-release 82-83 swivel-arm Snake Eyes v1.5. This is the commando Snake Eyes, not the ninja, although he is listed as Secret Service on the Nilco package. Out of the package, these figures would be just about identical to the U.S. version. Nilco figures are quality. Accessories are also the same. The filecards and card design are unique, although it does use the same painted image of the Snake Eyes as the U.S. release.

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