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82-83 Stalker Figure
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8283 Stalker Figure Front   8283 Stalker Figure Right 8283 Stalker Figure Back   8283 Stalker Figure Left Side   8283 Stalker Figure with Weapons Front
  Weapons & Accessories  

The 82-83 Stalker v1.5 was sold as a carded figure, and he came with his M-32 "Pulverizer" gray sub-machine gun. His beret is part of his head sculpt and is not removable.





Nilco (Egypt)
  Collector's Notes  

The 82-83 ( 1982 -1983 ) Stalker v1.5, ranger Lonzo R. Wilkinson, was sold as a carded figure. The most common place for paint wear is on his beret, although paint wear is not a huge concern for Stalker, as his pockets are camoflage and the same base color as his uniform. Typically, paint loss to pockets and other protruding elements on a figure are a result of them being painted over with an accent color that rubs off. Stalker doesn't have accent pockets, so it's not much of a problem.

Name Controversy - Stalker's name refers to his ranger tracking abilities. This figure was released in 1982 and obviously conceptualized prior to that. At that time, there were no negative connotations with the term. Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, did not commit his horrific acts until 1984, so there was no relation to that title whatsoever. In addition, the term stalker being used as someone who obsessively follows and tracks someone else, typically a celebrity, was also not yet in popular use in 1982. At the time, stalker was synonymous with tracker, with the added element of not being heard, seen, or detected - creeping up on a target unnoticed.

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International Stalker
Nilco Stalker

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