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82-83 Grunt Figure
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8283 Grunt Figure Front   8283 Grunt Figure Right 8283 Grunt Figure Back   8283 Grunt Figure Left Side   8283 Grunt Figure with Weapons Front   8283 Grunt Figure with Weapons Back
  Weapons & Accessories  

The 8283 Grunt v1.5 came with his green helmet and gray gun.





  Collector's Notes  

The 82-83 Grunt v1.5, Robert W. Graves, came as a carded figure. There are not a lot of concerns with getting a Grunt v1.5 in great shape. For paint wear, look out for the patches on the sides of his upper arms, and as with all figures with a removable helmet, look out for paint wear to the hair and eyebrows.

As with all 82-83 figures, Grunt v1.5 is nearly identical to his original 1982 version, with the exceptions of having a slimmer waist piece and swivel-arm elbow joints.

Naming/Identification Problems: 82-83 Figures are often hard to search for with perfect results. The problem lies in the fact that this figure is identified incorrectly more often than correctly. This figure is only a 1982-1983 Figure. A 1982 Grunt came only with straight arms and a bulkier waist piece. A 1983 Grunt would be tan instead of green, and also would have come packaged with the Falcon Glider and not as a carded figure. For a point of reference, at the time of writing this collector's note, there are 5 82-83 Grunt figures listed on eBay. Only 1 of the 5 are listed as 1982 1983. The other 4 are listed as 1983 Grunts, which they are not. Beware incorrect listings.

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82-83 (V1.5)
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