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82-83 Cobra Officer Figure
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8283 Cobra Officer Figure Front   8283 CobraOfficer Figure Right 8283 Cobra Officer Figure Back   8283 Cobra Officer Figure Left Side   8283 Cobra Officer Figure with Weapons
  Weapons & Accessories  

The 82-83 Cobra Officer v1.5 only came with his gray gun.





  Collector's Notes  

The 82-83 ( 1982 - 1983 ) Cobra Officer v1.5, The Enemy, came with a silver Cobra chest logo, which can be easily scratched or rubbed off. The silver parts of his uniform may also be rubbed off or scratched. Another area for paint wear potential is his black mask, especially at the brim of his nose.

As with all 82-83 figures, Cobra Officer v1.5 is nearly identical to his original 1982 version, with the exceptions of having a slimmer waist piece and swivel-arm elbow joints.

Naming/Identification Problems: 82-83 Figures are often hard to search for with perfect results. The problem lies in the fact that this figure is identified incorrectly a lot of the time. This figure is only a 1982-1983 Figure. A 1982 Cobra Officer came only with straight arms and a bulkier waist piece. There is no 1983 Cobra Officer. The only figure in 1983 that may resemble a Cobra Officer is a Cobra Viper Pilot, which is a much more rare and expensive figure. Beware incorrect listings, although swivel arms should be fairly easy to spot in a decent picture.

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