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1985 Lamprey Figure
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1985 Lamprey Figure Front   1985 Lamprey Figure Right   1985 Lamprey Figure Back 1985 Lamprey Figure with Weapons Front   1985 Lamprey Figure Geared Up Side
  Weapons & Accessories  

Lamprey v1 came packaged with the Cobra Moray Hydrofoil, and his included weapon was a gray submachine gun with an attached strap.




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  Collector's Notes  

The biggest issue with Lamprey v1 is that the strap on his submachine gun is broken very often. Frequently, he may have paint wear to his blue faceplate. Silver paint on G.I.Joe figures tends to flake and scratch or even have imperfections from the factory; however, this does not seem to be an issue on Lamprey figures, as finding solid silver paint on his uniform is not difficult, especially no where near as problematic as the silver pads on a Grand Slam v2 or the silver Cobra logo on a Viper Pilot v1.

As with all Joes equipped with weapons having hard plastic straps, due to age and play use, the strap on Lamprey's submachine gun are frequently broken at one or both ends where they attach to the weapon.

Lamprey is not a unique figure like Cobra Commander or Destro. Lamprey is the name for any one of Cobra's Hydrofoil drivers / pilots, much like a Viper is a type of Cobra soldier and not a unique character. This has led to some confusion on the character's correct name. A single hydrofoil pilot is called a Lamprey. 2 or more hydrofoil pilots are called Lampreys. So if someone is selling a single hydrofoil pilot, the correct term would be Lamprey (singular form). However, single hydrofoil pilots are incorrectly listed as Lampreys (plural). If you're selling one, you may want to spell it both ways to cover your bases, since the incorrect plural spelling is so rampant.

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