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1984 Zartan Figure
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1984 Zartan Figure Front   1984 Zartan Figure Right   1984 Zartan Figure Back   1984 Zartan Figure with Gear Front   1984 Zartan Figure Back   1984 Zartan Figure with Gear Front
  Weapons & Accessories  

Zartan v1 came with his black pistol, mask, and black backpack. His body had three removable accesories too: 1 chestplate and 2 thigh pads.








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  Collector's Notes  

Zartan v1 was packaged with the Chameleon Swamp Skier. The major concern with a v1 Zartan is that his torso is molded together and cannot be taken apart like other figures. What this means is that when his o-ring breaks or becomes loose, there is no way to fix that is not destructive. There are methods of repairing his o-ring cultivated by fans, but none of them are perfect, even the best leave minor signs that it has been repaired. Check Zartan's sides for o-ring replacement damage before purchasing.

Probably the most commonly missing piece of Zartan's accessories would be the mask that fits inside of his backpack. The hinges on his backpack may also be broken or about to break. His chestplate and thigh protectors are removable and often missing.

The most memorable thing about a 1984 Zartan figure is that his skin changed color when placed in the sunlight, turning from a peachy color to a blue color, which was very cool because it looked much like what would happen to Zartan in the cartoon series when he was in direct sunlight. After too much exposure to sunlight, this figure stops turning blue. If the color-changing ability is important to you, test this out before purchasing.

Zartan's hair is unique as he is one of the only early figures depicted with long hair. It is a molded piece that is glued to the top of his head. The black makeup around Zartan's eyes is a common place for paint wear.

File Card Controversy: The first version of Zartan's filecard stated that he suffered from multiple personalities and schizophrenia. This was found to be misleading and offensive by enough people that a second file card was issued that did not mention either of the two.

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