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Series & Issue: Frontline 15
Story Title: Going Home
Date: October 2003
Publisher: Image
Writer: Gary Phillips
Artist: Jeremy Love, Mike Norton, & Tim Seeley
Front Cover Artist: Jeremy Love
Plot Summary: Issue 15 marks the first stand-alone story in the Frontline series that was not part of a multi-book story arc. More Coming Soon
Publishing History: This series was published from 2002 to 2003 by Image - Devil's Due Publishing (DDP). It was the second ongoing G.I.Joe series published by Image/DDP. The series kicked off with Larry Hama writing the first 4 issues in a storyline called "The Mission that Never Was," which took place one month after Marvel's original A Real American Hero series ended. The first 4 issues also had back cover art, but none of the following issues did so, except for Issue 17. After that the creative team was a recolving cast from one story to the next. The rest of the stories fit into what was happening in Image/DDP's monthly main title.
It is often erroneously pluralized as Frontlines, and occasionally it is misspelled as Front Line or even Front Lines.
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