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A Real American Hero (Volume 2) #8 (Click Here to see All Issues)
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A Real American Hero (Volume 2) #8 Cover Image
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Back Cover
A Real American Hero (Volume 2) #08 Back Cover Image
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Series & Issue: A Real American Hero (Volume 2) 8
Date: July 2002
Publisher: Image - DDP
Writer: Josh Blaylock
Artist: Steve Kurth & Jamal Igle
Front Cover Artist: Mike Zeck
Back Cover Artist: David Michael Beck
Plot Summary: Coming Soon
Publishing History: Much to the delight of fans, G.I.Joe returned to the comics world in 2001 via a 4-issue mini-series from Image comics. The series was called G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero (Volume 2). It was designated Volume 2, even though it was Image's first G.I.Joe series, in reference to Marvel's legendary Vol 1: A Real American Hero. Although this series is often referred to as Reinstated, that was the name of the first story arc and not the name of the series. The tremendous response to the first 4 issues led to the mini-series being turned into a regular, ongoing series.
The first issue sold out quickly and was reprinted, so be aware of reprints when looking for it.
Issues 1-21 all had beautifully painted back covers by David Michael Beck. The covers on issues 1-4 were drawn by fan-favorite J. Scott Campbell.

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